Learning to love yourself.

Last night I had a friend ask me, “Adam, how did you learn to love yourself after you came out?” That answer isn’t a very simple one. Whether you’re gay or straight. you’ll need to learn to love yourself. I’ve been out for four years now and there are still times where I wish I wasn’t. It’s okay not to be okay with who you are or certain aspects of who you are. I loveeee being gay, I would never change that about me, no matter how hard it can make things. It’s important to love who you are on the inside, as well as how you look on the outside. I know it’s easier said than done, but it’s something we all need. Loving how you look on the outside will boost your confidence which is something most women and men have trouble dealing with. Now the real challenge is loving everything that makes you, you. If you can’t love yourself what makes you think you can love other people or that anyone else can love you?  You’ll find people who will truly love you and everything about you. Especially the parts about yourself you hate the most. Don’t lose those people because you don’t know how to let someone love you the way you should love yourself. Life has many hardships, and this is a big one. It’s fine, healthy, and very necessary to love yourself. Don’t let anyone make you believe that it’s wrong. One day, they will love themselves and understand why you do too. It’ll take a lot of time to love yourself and that is perfectly fine, it’s not a race. You will set your own pace and journey. Appreciate this moment in your life because, this journey is just the beginning of the many that await you.


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