A letter to my only brother

You’ve been here my whole life. As kids, we fought like wild animals but shared as many laughs as the number of stars in the night sky.  My fondest memories are of us racing in the pool and playing all those video games with you. It’s crazy to think how long ago that was. We were kids and now you’ve graduated and I’m a senior. One thing that has stayed the same and always will, is that you’re my protector. I remember making you play Sonic The Hedgehog with me. You hated every aspect of that game but you played it to make me happy. We weren’t always close but you never stopped looking out for me and making sure I was okay. Hell, you still do it now. You’re not an emotional guy by any standards, but you tell me you love me in many ways. I truly realized this at a party when every time I took just a little sip from my drink you asked if I was okay. You didn’t let me out of your sight even though I said I was fine. Life has thrown us sooo many hardships but we always get through them together. That caused us to have a bond that can’t be separated. When I first realized I was gay I was so scared to tell you (even though I didn’t know you already knew). I knew you didn’t care for gay people at all and I was so worried you were going to hate me, but you didn’t. You accepted me but still had a hard time doing so. You’ve become so accepting of me leading you to have a more open mind. It means the world to me and I’ll never be able to thank you for that. We’re so different yet so much alike. I listen to the queens of pop music and you listen to the old school rap gods.  I like to be the life of the party, you prefer to sit back and enjoy the moment with friends. We’re both hard headed, strong (emotionally), fun having comedians. When I need someone to talk to I go to you. You listen and tell me what I need to hear. You’re the first soldier on my battlefield when I can’t face my battles alone. I could never thank you enough for what you do for me. So this letter is just one of many thanks, I owe you. You’re out of high school now, the world is yours. I know you’re going to do big things and achieve your dreams. I love you, so now that you’re done reading this you can go back to enjoying life and grabbing it by the balls.


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