A thank you letter to my straight allies

Growing up I never really knew about the gay culture besides what was portrayed on Television. When I came out I didn’t know what to expect. Was I going to be bullied? Did I need to keep to myself? Was I going to be okay? Since the four years I’ve been out, I found some answers. Sure I hear the occasional “faggot”  under someone’s breath as I pass by but usually nothing more. It’s true, most people don’t like us because they’re scared and ignorant. Many of my straight guy friends used to hate me until they got to know me.  I remember a conversation with one of my friend’s brothers he said, “Adam before I met you I judged you because you are gay, but after getting to know you I realized that doesn’t even matter.” “You changed my perception on people who are gay, you’re a cool person and a friend to me.” That meant a lot to me. As the years went and are still going on I realized that I need my straight allies. In a small Texas town like Littlefield, there are more lgbtq people that you’ll come across than you’d think. However, there are far more prejudice people in a town like this. I am very fortunate to have many people on my side. Sometimes I feel like I don’t belong but these friends help me feel like I do. They don’t treat me or look at me any different than they “regular” people and that’s something I’ll always appreciate. These people are always the first to defend me no matter what. I can talk to them about anything and it not be weird. Hell, on many occasions I’ve cried to them and they let me with no judgment. These people show love and acceptance the way they are meant to be shown. If all the lbgtq people had allies like mine maybe the suicide rate and homeless rate of the lgbt community wouldn’t be one of the highest. Who knows what my life would be like without my accepting friends and family. Would I be homeless? Would I have committed suicide? Only God knows. A special thanks to the people who have changed my life, moulded my life, and enrich my life everyday. Thank you, mom, dad, my brother, Savannah, Madison, Kelsea, Erin, Daniel, Daisy, Della, Jonathan V, Jonathan R, Kaylum, Maria, Elizabeth Rios, Jeremy Y, Lisette,  Frances, Danielle, Isaac Villanueva,


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