You’re not required to love family

Many, if not all of us, at one point, have been told that something like “that’s family you have to love each other.” That is not true. Just because a person is related to you does not mean they can treat you or do whatever they want to you. If you’ve set boundaries with anything at all, people, especially family need to respect that. Family members can be some of the biggest bullies you’ll meet in your life. You do not, and should not have to put up with it. They may say you’re just being a cry baby or a wuss but the fact is they’re deliberately doing things to hurt you. I’m not talking about just physical abuse, but emotional and mental as well. Bullying someone can have devastating effects on a person’s life and leave them with insecurities and emotional scarring. Life will throw you many hardships, family, should not be one of them. Stick up for yourself, and don’t let anyone tell you not to just because they’re family. I don’t agree with the saying blood is thicker than water, sometimes family is what hurts you the most, it’s perfectly fine to shut those people out of your life. If you don’t you won’t be happy.  Like any toxic person in your life, if they won’t take what you have to say seriously, cut them out. Until you do you won’t be truly happy. Forgive them even if they don’t ask to be. When you forgive someone you’ll let go of all the anger you hold for them. Anger is such a powerful emotion, it’s not good to hold it in. It will take over you. So forgive and forget. Learn to ignore what they say or do. Bullies want to see a rise out of you, don’t give them the satisfaction.


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