You don’t need a boyfriend/girlfriend to be happy

You see it in all the movies, happy endings come with finding your true love. That is not reality, especially for someone our age. We’re teenagers about to start living life, you don’t NEED to be in a relationship to be happy. You’re young, have as much fun as you can! Find yourself and explore anything you want to. At this age, now is the perfect time. We won’t always have the opportunities we have now, take them. If you’re happy in a relationship and you know what you want for your life, then good for you. I wish you all the luck. If that’s not the case well screw it, don’t be tied down to just one person. Make the most of this time that you have. Go out and have fun with your friends. Do dumb shit while you can, dance alone while you can, and sing as loud as you’re able while you can. There are times for relationships and for me and many of you, that’s later in life. I’m not saying don’t have a fling here or there (hell I have plenty of my own), but just don’t take them too seriously if they don’t last. You were fine before them, you’ll be fine after them. Take up a hobby or two, find what brings you joy. No matter how dumb, insignificant, or unusual it may seem to other people, do what makes you happy. I love to read books, write poems, or go grab a coke and catch up with friends. It’s the small things in life that tend to make me happy. Many of friends know I loveeeeee learning dances from Britney Spears’ music videos and just doing my or other people’s makeup. I had a boyfriend who hated that I wore makeup and told me not to wear it? I didn’t stop. Why would I stop doing something that made me happy? We broke up. Don’t give up something or doing something you love just to please someone else. The world is a pretty fucked place, we need to hold on to what makes us just a little bit happier than normal. Worrying about our boyfriends/girlfriends should be the last thing on our minds right now. So when you’re heartbroken over a guy/girl just remember you’re okay and you’ll move on. It may not seem like it at the start but you’re way stronger than you realize and if you can put up with life’s shit, then you can put up with a temporary person in your life.


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