Accepting your parents for who they are

Let me start this post by saying I love both my parents very much. However, there are plenty of times where we don’t get along, like every other kid and parent. It disheartens me to know that’s not the case for every kid. You think that all parents are supposed to love their kid unconditionally, but a lot of kids will face the fact their parents don’t love them or don’t know how to love them. It sucks, believe me I know. Now, I love my dad, I really do, but there are times where I have such a hard time loving him. He loves me and accepts me for being gay, but there are times where he can’t truly accept it because he doesn’t understand much about my lifestyle. This has led to heated arguments and a lot of hurt between the both of us. He may not ever fully come to accept all of the aspects of who I am, and that’s okay I just have to accept that. We can’t control who our parents are or how much love/despair they bring into our lives. That’s just life. We can control how we let it affect us, it’s okay to not love your parents, but not to hate them. You have to accept that’s how you parent(s) is, and move on. You may think, “Well you don’t know what its like for me” but truth is, I do. Everyone does. None of our parents are perfect. Sometimes they do shitty things, forgive them and move on. Hate is such a powerful emotion, that it can destroy a person, I’ve seen it firsthand. Learn to let it all go. Force yourself if you have to. Many people think you grow up to be just like your parents and for a lot of us, that’s true. I look exactly like my dad with my mom’s personality. We all have a part of our parents inside of us. To hate them is to hate yourself. To accept them is to accept yourself. Now I get it some parents don’t deserve to feel love from their kid(s) but remember just like you, they make mistakes too. Forgive them, it’s in your best interest. The love between a child and parent is so strong, don’t sever it in a fit of rage. However, for some people, It’s necessary to break that bond. So just keep in mind your parent(s) will make mistakes, and more than likely love you more than you know.


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