The Fake Hate Victim

"Everyone hates me and I just like don't get it. I haven't done anything to anyone at all!" We all know someone like this.  Everyone else but said person knows why people hate them. In their mind, they have and will do nothing wrong. You can't argue with them because you will never win.


Senior year

The whole time we reminisced on past memories and couldn't stop laughing. I'm so thankful for my friends and all the memories I've made with them I don't know if this blog really has a purpose but, if it has one just don't take high school for granted.

FAQ (Frequently asked questions) I get

 Q: What's it like being gay?                                                                                                                    A: Well It's kinda lit. Some people love me more for loving the same sex and some wanna beat my ass for it. It just feels normal, I don't know how to explain it to be honest.

Dealing with episodes of Depression

Many of you reading this know me personally and know that I am usually laid back and very outgoing funny person and I don't always take everything seriously. However, I  can be serious and this is a serious topic. Everyone no matter how perfect their life may seem have had days or periods where they... Continue Reading →

You don’t need a boyfriend/girlfriend to be happy

There are times for relationships and for me and many of you, that's later in life. I'm not saying don't have a fling here or there (hell I have plenty of my own), but just don't take them too seriously if they don't last. You were fine before them, you'll be fine after them.

You’re not required to love family

Bullying someone can have devastating effects on a person's life and leave them with insecurities and emotional scarring. Life will throw you many hardships, family, should not be one of them. Stick up for yourself, and don't let anyone tell you not to just because they're family.

You’re young, You’re going to make mistakes

That day I was brought to the police station and told them about what happened. I gave my statement and left. My friends did the same. February 27th, 2014 I was pulled out of my 2nd-period class and was arrested. All of us involved were. We were told we'd be going to a juvenile center for the weekend. I'm not going to lie and say it was horrible, The guys were all scary looking thugs, or that it changed my life. None of that would be true

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